Guarantee Details

Sharrard Painting provides a three-year warranty.  If you need to report a warranty issue please contact us here or directly by calling (905) 334-3242.


  • 3yearwarrantyspray  painted cabinets come with a 3-year shop warranty, this means that Sharrard Painting will respray items the customer can bring back to our shop.  This includes but, is not limited to, all removable cabinet doors, drawers, light valances, crowns and gable ends.   
  • The warranty covers labour only – paint charges of 75$ may be extra if the lacquer required is not in stock.  
  • Touch up paint is provided for based base cabinets since the spray painting of base cabinets (fixed unremovable items) is NOT covered under warranty.
  • Wood panel doors expand and contract over time due to changes in humidity.  Sometimes hairline cracks will develop where the miters or doors are glued together – because this is a natural occurrence our warranty will NOT cover this.
  • We will only fix the specific areas that have failed.
  • Our warranty is for labour only. The client will supply paint, primer and any materials required to facilitate the necessary repairs.
  • We will only repair in accordance with the description of the original work.
  • This guarantee is not transferable to another individual or corporation.



  • Galvanized metal (and other metal surfaces) and / or plastic surfaces, unless area is pre-finished aluminum and / or steel siding without pre-existing adhesion problems.
  • Mould or fungus that results from environmental causes.
  • Areas that are walked on such as porches, steps, balconies, verandas, decks, floors and other walked-on structures.
  • All areas attached to porches, steps, balconies, verandas, decks, floors and other walked-on structures including, but not limited to, areas such as rails, posts, pillars and lattice.
  • Work not paid for in full or not paid on a timely basis. Timely is here defined as work not paid within thirty days from the date of completion.  
  • Work completed whereas the customer provided the paint or the paint has not been purchased by Sharrard Painting unless agreed to in writing.
  • Areas specifically stated in Other Details (on the proposal) as impossible to guarantee.
  • Areas that have a moisture problem and / or areas where moisture pools on the surface. This specifically excludes but is not limited to window trim and windowsills.
  • Any work performed where a client has specifically requested scraping and painting without a primer application.

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