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There are three ways to get in touch with us:

  1. For estimates please fill out the email form below (you can attach your pictures) or
  2. Send an email message to or
  3. Call 905-334-3242 – Because we are a small company the VP of Production is also the VP of Sales, therefore it is hard for us to answer all calls during the day (we would never get any work done).

Submissions made via the website or by email will typically get the best and quickest response!

Kitchens / Onsite Work:  our minimum charge for a kitchen and projects involving onsite work is $3500.00

Furniture / Shop Work: our minimum charge for shop work items such as furniture or, projects that DO NOT involve onsite work is $1500.  We do not do chairs and tables.

For your free painting or finishing estimate please complete the form below or email

If you cannot contact us using email or the form below please feel free to contact us at 905 334 3242.  We will try to return email requests within 24 hours.  Phone request 24 to 72 hours.

All estimates and project assessments are free.  If you want my two cents I will give it to you / both homeowner and contractor.  All services are subject to HST tax – we do not accept cash payments!





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    Use the photo upload tool to provide pictures of your kitchen or project - the photos should detail both the size and current conditions of the kitchen - from the photos we need to be able to count all the doors and drawers.

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    Email Submissions For Cabinets & Furniture Refinishing

    We will need the following information to be able to provide an accurate project assessment for kitchen cabinet painting:

    1. include pictures of the kitchen that are representative of the size or in words detail the number of doors and drawers the kitchen has
    2. type of wood – eg maple, cherry, MDF or HDF
    3. type of finish desired – eg solid white, solid espresso
    4. timeline / desired schedule for starting and completion of the project
    5. your city, address and phone number

    Send the above information to or complete the form above.

    Sharrard Painting

    487 Speers Rd, Oakville, ON L6K 2G4 (by appointment only)

    Phone: (905) 334-3242