Project Review – LA Kings / Staples Center

Oakville, Ontario:  Sharrard Painting and Fine Finishing through its association with Retaylors just completed the refinishing of the new Coaches Corner for the Staple Center in Los Angeles.  The project involved the finishing of over 100 pieces of solid birch and birch veneer.   Each piece under went the following finishing schedule:

  1. 150 grit sanding
  2. Staining – dry for 24 hours
  3. Application of Supergard Valspar Clear – Sheen 25, via Graco 490 with 410 tip
  4. Sanding with 320 grit
  5. Application of Supergard Valspar Clear
  6. Sanding with 500 grit
  7. Application of Supergard Valspar Clear

Do to fire code regulations every piece had to be sealed on both sides.   As per Valspar two coats of the clear coat provided adequate fire resistance required to meet local code legislations.

What a fun and exciting project for us to complete, thanks to Andrew and the team at Retaylors for the opportunity to work on such great quality pieces.

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